When one thinks about it, a clogged drain isn’t such a bad problem, because it means the user has the benefit of indoor plumbing. However, the consolation is small when the need for Emergency Plumbing in Lower Merion arises. While there is no way to prevent all drain problems, there are ways to avoid the most costly repairs.

Never Pour Oil or Grease Down the Drain

Plumbers say that most drain clogs are found in the kitchen sink. Many people mistakenly pour fat and grease down the drain without knowing that it will harden on the inside of the pipes. To be safe, pour the grease into a bottle or jar and dispose of it in the trash.

Use Flushable Wipes With Caution

The market for moistened bathroom wipes has blossomed over the past few years, but there are concerns from cities experiencing sewage backups and contamination. While the makers of these wipes allege that other products are to blame, it’s best to use only toilet paper unless it’s certain that the flushable wipes meet the industry’s standard for the breakdown in water.

Don’t Use Exposed Pipes as Hangers

This problem is quite common in basements, where plumbers are shocked to see homeowners using exposed piping as a place to hang clothing and other items. These pipes aren’t meant to support the weight, and wet clothing can be surprisingly heavy. To avoid the need for Emergency Plumbing in Lower Merion, don’t use pipes as a clothing rack.

Avoid Drop-In Toilet Cleaners

While cleaning the toilet isn’t fun, using a drop-in cleaner can cause problems. Corrosive chemicals can eventually damage pipes, and in some cases, these products can void the toilet manufacturer’s warranty.

Use the Garbage Disposal Wisely

While they are certainly useful, garbage disposals aren’t intended to handle everything. Big chunks of waste should go into the trash, and disposal should happen slowly to avoid damaging clogs.

Before they Contact City Plumbing, homeowners should try using a plunger to dislodge the clog. For a slow drain, a toothed plastic stick can remove some clogs. Lastly, if there’s water gushing out of a burst pipe, find and use the house’s main water shutoff valve before calling an emergency plumber.