Most Commercial HVAC in Binghamton NY is unsightly. Depending on a building’s size, an owner may not be willing to relinquish the amount of space required by a larger unit. A rooftop unit is installed on top of the building and it ties directly into the structure’s ductwork. Rooftop units come with reduced installation costs, and they offer more versatility than other options. Below, readers can learn several of the advantages of a rooftop system.


Rooftop units are modular, which means the building owner can easily add to the system if they redesign or expand the space. Additionally, modules can be distributed to different parts of the roof, depending on the building’s cooling and heating loads. When buildings have more than one rooftop unit, the owner can tailor settings to specific areas and track energy usage.

Decreased Noise Pollution

While most modern units are quieter than old models, they still make noise. A rooftop commercial HVAC system is out of employees’ and customers’ earshot, which makes the building seem a bit quieter.

Greater Security

Ground HVAC units are susceptible to theft and vandalism. When a unit is on the roof, it isn’t as accessible to thieves and vandals, which means they’ll move on to easier targets.

Diminished Space Requirements

Land is a precious resource, and rooftop models have all cooling and heating components in one convenient package. The arrangement frees space so the building owner can use it for more important features such as customer parking, landscaping and future expansions.

Minimal Damage From Dirt and Dust

Ground systems are frequently exposed to dust, dirt, debris and trash. Because of its elevated location, a rooftop unit stays cleaner and protected from accidental damage.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Commercial systems come with energy-efficient features that improve the unit’s performance. A unit with variable air volume settings, for instance, can help the customer save energy and money by meeting airflow needs with equivalent fan speeds. Economizing controls use outside air to cool buildings when the outdoor temperatures allow.

Rooftop systems aren’t just cheaper and simpler to install; they can improve a building’s comfort levels and energy efficiency. Customers can click here to schedule a consultation or the installation of Commercial HVAC in Binghamton NY.

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