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Easy Ways to Take Better Care of Your Home’s Plumbing

You use your home’s plumbing system every day, and you know it’s important to take care of this system to avoid large expensive repairs. If you want to know how to make this happen without dedicating your entire weekends to maintenance, here are some simple ways to take better care of your plumbing in Atlanta, […]

5 Reasons to Call Matt Mertz Plumbing for Toilet Upgrades

A toilet’s life expectancy may vary depending on its usage and maintenance schedule. However, there may be a time when replacement is the right solution. How can a homeowner know that it’s time to call Matt Mertz in Plumbing for a new toilet? Below are a few signs to look for. Appearance If the toilet […]

Keeping an Eye Out for Cracked Pipes

Georgia weather can be as unpredictable as the future itself. For plumbing and pipes, this means that staying vigilant for certain signs of pipe damage could save you a lot of hassle in the long run. While there are many seemingly minor plumbing problems that might be easy to ignore, there are some that, if […]

Calling A Plumbing Service in Palm Desert CA To Get Things Working Again

For some reason, some people are very reluctant to call a Plumbing Service in Palm Desert CA when they need one. They seem to be under the assumption that fixing plumbing problems don’t usually require an expert’s help. Most people end up finding out the hard way that they should have called a plumber. Things […]