You use your home’s plumbing system every day, and you know it’s important to take care of this system to avoid large expensive repairs. If you want to know how to make this happen without dedicating your entire weekends to maintenance, here are some simple ways to take better care of your plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia.

Watch Your Drains

When grease gets stuck in your kitchen sink or your hair goes down your tub, your drains have a hard time disposing of these materials. To keep your plumbing in better condition, be careful about what you let go down the sink, toilet, and tub drain. For example, you shouldn’t treat your garbage disposal or toilet like a garbage can. You should also put guards over your sink and tub drains to keep excess amounts of hair from getting into your plumbing and creating clogs.

Take Care of Dripping Faucets

That dripping faucet in your bathroom might not seem like that big of a deal. However, the constant dripping could be one indication of a larger problem. Instead of letting that sink drip, drip, and drip, take steps to get the leak taken care of sooner rather than later. This could save you later on down the road if the problem turns into a larger issue, and it will also help you cut back on what you pay for water every month.

Prevent Freezing Pipes

Your plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia is sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, particularly in the winter season. Take care to wrap your pipes and prevent them from freezing in the winter if the temperature ever drops below freezing.

Make Maintenance a Priority

When it comes to your home’s plumbing system, regular maintenance is a big deal. Stay on top of regular plumbing inspections in your home and take any necessary steps to keep your plumbing in good shape throughout the year. Contact Rooter PLUS or visit us online to get more information.