A toilet’s life expectancy may vary depending on its usage and maintenance schedule. However, there may be a time when replacement is the right solution. How can a homeowner know that it’s time to call Matt Mertz in Plumbing for a new toilet? Below are a few signs to look for.


If the toilet is starting to look like something out of a truck stop, it may be time to replace it. After many years of use, the throne can start to look a little shabby. Unsightly rings and impossible-to-remove stains can cause a real problem. Today’s new toilets are cleaner, better-looking, and more hygienic than those of the past. When the toilet becomes unpleasant to see, replacement is an easy option.


Over a lifetime, the average person spends 92 days on the toilet (and some people are way above average in this regard). When someone spends that much of their time doing something, comfort is a top priority. If the user’s legs go numb when they sit, the toilet’s width and height may be incorrect. Standard toilets are 15 inches above the ground, and comfort height models are 17-19 inches. The least expensive option is typically the most uncomfortable as well; remember that when going through a plumber’s recommendations.

Saving Money and Water

If the home’s toilet is older, simply flushing it can have an effect on the family’s water bills. Before 1994, tank-style toilets could use up to eight gallons per flush. However, guidelines enacted that year required toilets to use no more than 1.6 gallons with each flush. This not only helps homeowners save on utility bills, it helps them save water as well.

Frequent Repairs

If a homeowner frequently callsĀ  to have the toilet augered, the cost of those visits can quickly add up. Mineral buildup can not only cause an unattractive ring, it can inhibit water flow through the toilet tank. If the toilet constantly needs repairs, eventually a replacement will be the more cost-effective option.


Leaks from the bowl or tank can go undetected for a long time, causing serious water damage if left unchecked. Leaks can cause damage to downstairs rooms, which can lead to thousands in home repairs. When the toilet is leaking, replacing it is cheaper than redoing the drywall and flooring. Visit the Website to learn more or call today for toilet replacement.