How to Respond If Your Home Has a Broken Water Pipe

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Plumbing

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If your home experiences a broken water pipe, you will likely need to call a plumbing contractor in Alpharetta, Georgia to request a prompt repair. In the immediate aftermath of a potential plumbing emergency, there are a few things you may be able to do in order to help resolve the situation as quickly, safely and effectively as possible.

Turn off the Water

First, you will want to turn off the water to the section of your home in which the broken pipe resides. This may mean shutting down the main water supply to your entire house. In general, you should attempt to do whatever is necessary to keep water from continuing to flood your home. Flooding can be harmful and, if left unchecked, it may cause significant damage to walls, flooring, furnishings and more.

Protect Important Items

Before your plumbing contractor in Alpharetta, Georgia arrives, there may be certain things you can do to rescue your most valued belongings from any flooding that may be present within your home. If you are able to move rugs, furniture, electronics and other important items, do so as quickly as you can. Keeping your possessions out of the water may help protect them from harm.

Call a Professional

If you are dealing with a badly broken pipe, you will generally need to enlist expert assistance in order to resolve the situation. After you have turned off the water to the pipe in question, you can call a professional plumber. Some plumbing contractors may be able to help you immediately.

Resolving Your Plumbing Emergency

A broken pipe might quickly turn into a plumbing emergency that will need to be addressed as quickly as possible. If you find yourself facing this situation, there may be some steps you can take. Try to turn off the water supply to the affected pipe, move any important items away from the water, and call a professional plumbing contractor in Alpharetta, Georgia to assist with repairs. Visit the website for more information.

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