It is imperative to have access to clean, fresh water for drinking and bathing, so you and your family remain healthy. However, water can become contaminated and deemed a health risk due to water backflow in the system. Cross connections can cause foul water, such as from the sewer, to backflow into the pipes leading to faucets for sinks or bathtubs, exposing your family to unhealthy water.

Causes of Water Backflow

There are two causes of water backflow—either back siphonage or backpressure. Back siphonage occurs when the pressure of the water supply is lower than the system’s pressure, which can happen if the supply has been interrupted or drained.

Back pressure occurs when there is higher pressure within the system than there is in the supply. Fortunately, backflow problems can be easily solved by plumbers in Tucson, AZ.

Symptoms of Backflow

There are indications you may need a backflow inspection to check if the backflow preventer needs to be replaced. If you spot dirt or debris in the water or if there are pressure fluctuations, these usually indicate a problem with the preventer. Plumbers certified and licensed in backflow inspections can take a look at your system and then replace the backflow preventer if necessary.

Plumbers at Baker Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Cooling are licensed in performing backflow inspections and can replace backflow preventers if they are not working correctly. A properly working backflow preventer will help keep the water potable so it is healthy enough to drink and bath in, so that your family isn’t at risk of being exposed to dangerous water.

Water supplies can be subjected to contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, sewage, and other debris which can be hazardous for anyone drinking or using the water. Fortunately, plumbers are trained in how to prevent water contamination due to backflow.