How to Expertly Perform a Simple Kitchen Plumbing Repair in Edmond, OK

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Plumbing

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Having a clogged sink can be a major hassle. This mess can also cause an unpleasant odor and be a health hazard when it’s left stagnant too long. When food remnants, grease, soap build-up, and hair form an obstacle, it’s necessary to remove the materials promptly. The following suggestions can help a homeowner perform a simple kitchen Plumbing Repair in Edmond OK.

Use Boiling Water

To unblock a sink, it’s a good idea to try using boiling water. In a large pot, boil about a gallon of water. Heat the water to a rolling boil. Slowly pour the heated water into the sink. When water is above the level of the drain opening, pour the heated water into the center of the water. Aim for the drain opening when water stands below the drain opening. Wait about five minutes. If successful, water should drain out of the sink. It may take another try before the clog is flushed away. When this method does not work, try using a plunger.

Implement a Plunger

Implementing a plunger for clog removal makes use of suction power. It’s a good idea to apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly to the underside of the plunger’s lip. Firmly press the plunger into the side of the sink’s wall. Slowly move the plunger down the sink wall and over the drain opening. Press firmly into place. This helps the plunger form a seal over the drain opening. Pump the plunger up and down three to four times without losing contact with the sink. Quickly pull up on the plunger. When successful, water should start to swirl to form a funnel. This funnel means the water is draining out of the sink. Ensure that these steps are repeated when water is draining slowly or fails to drain at all.

Using boiling water and a plunger are practical ways to unclog a blockage in a sink. It’s important to understand the materials of a plunging system before using hot water. Some types of materials can be damaged by the use of boiling water.

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