Plumbing Installation in Mason OH for Major Bathroom Remodeling Projects

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Plumbing

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A plumber does a big part of the work in bathroom remodeling when homeowners want major changes made to the room. If they’re planning to have Plumbing Installation in Mason OH did to replace old fixtures or relocate fixtures, the changes to the room may be significant.

Starting From Scratch

Although many customers who want if plan to leave the existing pipes and drains in place and go from there, others ask for a complete gutting of the room. Essentially, they want to start from scratch where possible.

Moving the Toilet

For instance, they may have always been unhappy about the toilet facing the doorway. They want the location changed, so the toilet isn’t always totally visible when the door is open.

Removing the Bathtub

They may never take baths and would like to have the bathtub removed and replaced with a big standalone shower. This could have a built-in bench and one of the newer shower designs that streams water down from directly above in an imitation of rainfall.

Adding a Shower

Some older houses only had a bathtub installed originally and no shower. The owners might ask the plumber to add a shower in the bathtub. They may have been using a jury-rigged setup but are tired of it now.

Changing the Bathtub Taps and Knobs

Also, some older taps in bathtubs do not allow a person to separately manage water usage and temperature. The higher the temperature, the more water pours out from this simple single-handle tap design. This is unacceptable for people who don’t want to fill the bathtub with hot water before stepping in. They like to lounge in the tub once it’s half-full and has more water pour in slowly.

In contrast, some bathtubs have two knobs: one for cold water and one for warm. This design can become problematic for someone dealing with hand pain from arthritis or weakness from another condition. Plumbers can replace those taps with a product that’s much easier on the hands. This is a common request for bathroom and kitchen sinks as well. Information on one particular contractor is available at there.

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