When problems occur in a septic system, the approach to septic tank repair in Conyers Georgia will vary depending on the problem and its extent. Because of the different methods that can be employed to deal with the problem, it is best to call in professionals that can identify the problem and have the skills to repair it.

Perhaps the most common problems involve the replacement of one or more of the components that are needed to make the physical connection between the tank and the home plumbing system. The system includes valves that are designed to allow sewage to pass in one direction, namely from the source to the septic tank but prevent any backflow of sewage from the tank back to the source. As these valves are working constantly, like all things mechanical they will eventually wear out and need replacing. When professional plumbers are doing the septic tank repair in Conyers Georgia they may find that the valves are in good condition, but the pipes leading to the valve is damaged, once these problems have been identified and fixed the system will function properly.

A homeowner may believe the septic tank needs repairing only to find out that the tank is full, if this is the case there are no repairs needed but the tank must be emptied and cleaned. In areas where septic tanks are common, there will always be a company that offers this service, they have the proper equipment to pump the tank of its contents and then clean the tank using various chemicals they have at their disposal. All septic tanks eventually require emptying and cleaning, the process also helps the system to work properly.

Although it might be a rare event, the wall of a septic tank can get punctured. If there is any digging going on in the vicinity of the tank it only takes one miscue with a backhoe to damage the tank, once the wall has been breached the sewage will leak out into the soil surrounding the tank. The tank repair personnel will have to unearth the tank to investigate the extent of the damage, if it is not of significant magnitude a patch can be placed over the hole, however, if the damage is extensive the only solution may be a replacement.

Liberty Plumbing suggests that the tank is emptied every couple of years and that the plumbing system connecting the house to the tank is in good working order.

If you need septic tank repair in Conyers Georgia or the incoming line or drain field has become damaged you are invited to contact the experts at Liberty Plumbing.