Tips for Preventing Your Pipes from Freezing

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Plumbing

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As winter rages on and temperatures plummet, the possibility of frozen pipes increases. The cold months of winter can really take a toll on the pipes in your home. Frozen pipes send many people looking for companies that specialize in plumbing in Atlanta, GA. So, how can you avoid frozen pipes? Here are several tips worth trying in order to prevent your pipes from freezing over.

Keep Cabinets Open

One way to reduce the risk of frozen pipes is to open up the cabinet doors in your kitchen and bathroom. This will allow warm air to reach the pipes. If the cabinet doors are kept shut, then the amount of warm will be limited. Over time this could lead to frozen pipes.

Leave a Faucet On

By letting a faucet drip throughout the day or even at night, you can keep the water from freezing in your pipes. This can also reduce the chance of a bursting pipe, which often results from built up pressure within the pipes. All the pressure that builds up has to go somewhere, and most of the time the result is a busted pipe.

Turn On the Heat

If you know you are going on a vacation or a weekend trip, then make sure you leave your heat turned on. This can help prevent your pipes from freezing while you are away. Just leave the heat warm enough to keep the pipes from getting too cold. Try to keep it above 50 degrees. The last thing you would want to come home to is a frozen pipe or a burst pipe.

These are just several ways you can minimize the risk of frozen pipes in your home. It could save you from looking for plumbing in Atlanta, GA. Remember to let a faucet drip, keep your heat on, and leave cabinet doors open whenever possible. It would be wise to regularly inspect your pipes; especially the ones you know are regularly exposed to colder air. Visit website online to get more details!

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