It is a bad time when a homeowner wakes up in the middle of a very frosty night and the heat has gone out. That is when the homeowner will want to find a heating and air conditioning contractor who is available to come out in the middle of the night to repair the heating problem. There is a contractor who repairs Heating Services in Manchester NH for customers on a regular basis, and in times of emergencies.

Here are some of the common problems that have been found and solved by the heating contractor.

Common Heating Problems

The most common issue that customers call for heating problems is when the heat suddenly goes out without warning and there is nothing obviously wrong with it. When troubleshooting this issue, it has been found that the major reasons for such are the thermostat, the pilot light (if it is a gas unit), or some electrical wiring trouble. Often, the technician may only have to replace the faulty thermostat or pilot light and the heat will begin to work again. If it is electrical, the possibility exists of having to replace the whole heating system.

More Heating Problems that are Common

If the blower on the heater is running continuously, a problem with the blower limit switch is likely the problem and a professional repair technician will have to come to repair it. Another problem that exists is when the heater isn’t heating enough, which could indicate a problem with ductwork or the size of the heater (if additional spaces have been added). Finally, a lack of regular maintenance could lead to the heater experiencing many problems.

Who is Available in Manchester, New Hampshire?

Harry W. Wells & Son, Inc. is a plumbing and HVAC company that has been providing plumbing and HVAC solutions for customers in the Manchester, New Hampshire area for 71 years. Services rendered include but are not limited to water heater issues, plumbing emergencies, heating problems, and air conditioning problems. If any individuals are interested in getting repairs for their Heating Services in Manchester NH, the contractor is available. More information can be found by visiting the website at  then going to where directed to “Click Here.”