Signs it is Time for Water Heater Replacement Fort Collins CO

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Water Heating

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There is nothing quite as bad as jumping into the shower only to realize that the water is cold. As with any type of appliance used in a home, the water heater is going to begin to deteriorate, and eventually, it will break down completely. No one wants to have to deal with dirty dishes or cold showers, so it is best to look into Water Heater Replacement Fort Collins CO before it stops working completely. If the homeowner waits too long, they are going to face much bigger issues. Getting to know some of the signs that water heater replacement is inevitable can help ensure that cold showers are not in a homeowner’s future.

Corrosion and Rust

It is a good idea to visually inspect the tank from time to time to see if any corrosion or rust are present. There are two particular areas that are especially vulnerable to these issues -; the outlet and inlet connections and the pressure relief and temperature valves.

Water Discoloration around the Water Heater

If rusty water comes out of the water heater, then it is a clear indication that the tank has begun to rust inside. Eventually, this is going to turn into a leak. This is why it is best to invest in Water Heater Replacement in Fort Collins CO as soon as possible.

Lukewarm or Cold Water

Another obvious sign that it may be time for Water Heater Replacement Fort Collins CO is if the hot water faucet is turned on, but no hot or warm water comes out. In most situations, this is a clear indication that the water heater is past the point of being repaired and that it should be replaced.

Strange Sounds

If it sounds that a thunderstorm in the basement, there is a good chance, there is some type of hot water heater issue present. As a tank ages, the residue can begin to build up at the bottom. When it is heated up, it hardens and begins to bang against the heater. If these sounds are heard, it is time for replacement.

More information about water heater repair and replacement can be found by contacting the staff at Paul’s Plumbing & Heating. Being informed is the best way to take action promptly. Failure to do this may leave homeowners taking cold showers.

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