You count on your water heater to give you hot water when you need it. However, sometimes, it doesn’t work as it should, and you need repair. Learn when you need hot water heater repair in Queen Creek, AZ.

Strange Noises

Some noises coming from your water heater are normal, such as it is turned on, but others are not. If you hear a banging noise, you could have a loose boilerplate, but it could be a water hammer. If your unit hisses, cracks, or pops, it may happen because of sediment, which needs flushing.

Running Constantly

A hot water heater running constantly could be because of leaky pipes, so check for loose fittings. It could also come from the temperature pressure relief valve, a horizontal knob on top of the water heater. Ensure your thermostat isn’t faulty and check to determine if it is on the correct setting, and try raising the temperature.

Won’t Turn On

If your electric water heater won’t start, open the home’s control panel and look for flipped breakers. Also, ensure the unit is plugged in and if it still won’t start, the cord could be damaged.

If the unit is gas, the pipe supply line may need cleaning or the valves may be closed. Gas water heaters use s thermocouple to keep the pilot lit, which could fail.


A rotten egg smell occurs when sulfate builds in the tank, which is commonly caused by the anode rod. A burning smell is often caused by melted wiring, insulation that touches the burner, or dust. While you can clean the dust, you commonly need a professional to repair the wiring.

These are some issues that may require hot water heater repair in Queen Creek, AZ. If your attempt to resolve the issue fails, contact Cure All Plumbing at