Obtaining Tub And Sink Installations in San Antonio TX

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Plumbing

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When someone wishes to upgrade their bathroom so it accommodates a senior family member, having a plumber available to do tub and Sink Installations in San Antonio TX will be key in having the job done properly. A plumbing service that makes sure the fixtures are in good working order is an important part of getting the desired features in a bathroom without a hassle.

First, the homeowner will need to select their new sink or tub from a catalog of different models and styles. A plumbing service will have recommendations available so the homeowner purchases the exact type they wish to use to help their elderly family member. Many people find that walk-in tubs can be a great addition to a bathroom. The aging person will be able to open a hinged door, walk into the tub, and close the door behind them instead of having to lift their legs to get inside. This will reduce the risk of injury in the room tremendously.

A plumber would install the tub and hook up the water supply so it works without incident. Many walk-in tubs also have a removable shower head so the person bathing can sit on a built-in seat while washing themselves.

If a new sink is to be installed, the plumbing service will help in the selection of an appropriate style to accommodate wheelchairs if necessary. These sinks would be placed at a lower level with ample room underneath them for the wheelchair to fit. Using hardware that is easy to turn on and off is necessary for both the tub and sink so the elderly person does not have a lot of trouble doing this on their own.

If someone is interested in having bath or Sink Installations in San Antonio TX done to their own home, they will want to hire a reliable service to do the job. Check out  before going anywhere else. They have ample information on their website about the services they offer. Call them today to set up an appointment for an evaluation of the bathroom and to discuss pricing options if desired.

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