The Importance of Homeowner Courtesy During Emergency Service for Plumbing in Lansing MI

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Plumbing

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A need for emergency Plumbing in Lansing MI commonly involves a backed-up sewer, which is a distressing situation for homeowners. Sometimes the residents are lucky and the backup happens while running the washing machine, which means relatively clean water comes up through the basement floor drain. Often, however, flushing the toilet causes a backup, and nobody wants to deal with that. When someone calls a plumbing service such as Minute Man Sewer to resolve the problem, it’s considerate to remember that this isn’t the most pleasant task for that professional either. Please visit the website  to learn more about this particular organization.

Plumbers don’t expect to receive tips, but they appreciate being treated with courtesy. For instance, coming into a home where the residents are all arguing about whose fault the sewer backup was might be a bit amusing for a minute or two, but it gets tedious quickly. It’s best for everyone to settle down until the problem is fixed and the plumber has left.

A plumber typically can figure out what substances caused the clog; frequent culprits include feminine hygiene products, sanitary wipes, dental floss, and hair. For many people, it’s routine behavior to pull hair from a brush or comb and toss it in the toilet. They also may remove hair from the bathtub and shower strainer and then throw that in the toilet, never thinking about how the entire point of the strainer is to block hair from the drain and sewer pipes. There’s no need to have a family blow up over the issue; instead, everyone should vow to be more careful in the future.

In addition, a contractor who offers service for emergency Plumbing in Lansing MI appreciates people and their pets staying out of the way and allowing the job to be done efficiently. The plumber might be a lover of dogs, but that doesn’t mean a golden retriever is welcome to hover around panting and begging to be petted. A hissing cat is unwelcome as well. Little kids asking lots of questions may be cute, but they can cause delays in how fast the job gets done.

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