Let a Plumber in Jacksonville FL Keep Those Pipes Flowing Properly

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Plumbing

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Many people think they can handle plumbing repairs, but a really difficult job may prove that claim false. One reason for this could be the complexity of the installation or the seriousness of the damage. Consider the case of an older home set on a raised foundation. These buildings often used iron pipes and below the building installation because they were very economical. Unfortunately, this type of pipe has a limited lifespan and eventually needs to be replaced. Problems may become apparent after the metal has corroded or parts of the connection have worn away. Thankfully, these problems don’t occur for a while, but when they finally happen, they tend to occur quite frequently. This may be due to the pipe being old or the fact that water is a solvent.

Another reason to consider a Plumber in Jacksonville FL is the elimination of clogs or cleaning the drain lines. Clogs can occur in several areas, but the most common are the main sewage line or the P-traps. P-traps are mainly useful for keeping sewer gases outside the building. The parts work because they have a small crook for capturing water, but this area can also hold debris, food, hair or other gunk which blocks the flow of water. To clean the traps requires removing and washing them out. The more difficult issues are in the main sewer pipe. This might be something as simple as a clog, or it might be a problem with roots, debris or cracks in the pipe. The only way to know for sure is to look at the pipe interior which is done using a video snake.

Cracks and other openings occur in sewer pipes because of stress. This may happen when a vehicle drives over the pipe or when plants begin pushing the pipe to access any water in or around it. Plant roots are so insidious that tiny ones can easily slip between pipe connections and eventually cause them to separate. This happens when the roots grow, but a more serious concern is rooted building up in one spot. If the owner isn’t careful, those roots might completely block the sewer line and any waste attempting to flow past. Get additional info here.

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