Wholesale Plumbing Supplies in Omaha

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Plumbing

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Getting high-quality wholesale Plumbing Supplies in Omaha saves independent plumbers and plumbing businesses time and money. They can keep repair trucks well stocked, offer customers a variety of fixtures for renovations and new construction, and have cleaners readily available to clean up after the job is completed. Increasing customer satisfaction, passing savings onto customers, and saving time on every call increases referrals and leads, allows more calls to be completed within the work week, expands the business, and raises revenues. Pricing is kept low due to volume business, so the success of the plumbers directly affects the success of the wholesaler. It is a win-win situation for both businesses.

An extensive selection of fixtures, furniture, sinks, toilets, back-splashes, faucets, bathtubs and shower systems means plumbers can offer products to suit the tastes, spaces, preferences, and budgets of every customer. Manufacturers available include Kohler, Delta, Hansgrohe, Brizo, Moen, Bain Ultra, and others. Accessories, such as decorative mirrors, towel holders, a variety of decorative hardware choices, and dispensers, can provide finishing touches for each project. Setting up a wholesale account is quick and easy, and can be done on-site or online at Domain. Plumbers can collect brochures to give customers an idea of what is available, bring customers into a showroom to pick out the latest styles and designs, or send customers in by themselves and let them indicate choices to the knowledgeable staff. If customers are unsure of exactly what they want, or what will work best in the available space, staff can assist them in making final choices.

Plumbing Supplies in Omaha also include tools, drains, garbage disposals, washers, connectors, parts, components, cleaners, lime scale removers, degreasers, cloths, safety glasses, and different types of work gloves. Buckets, tool belts, adhesives, hooks, fasteners, and tool boxes can also be found among the supplies. A one-stop shop not only saves time and money but makes doing business easier. One company to deal with, one invoice, and getting to know staff helps keep track of expenditures, supplies used, and new products available. It also makes custom orders easier to obtain because wholesalers work directly with manufacturers. They can order special products, saving plumbers time spent on the telephone. Visit the website for more information.

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