A slow drain can make it harder to clean your food, your clothes and yourself. Therefore, it is important that you avoid putting anything down a pipe that could cause it to become slow or clogged entirely. Let’s look at some items that should never be allowed to go down a toilet, sink or tub drain.

Trap Anything That Has Grease in It

Chicken, turkey and other meats can have a lot of grease that readily flows onto your plate. However, it is critical that you don’t pour that grease down the drain. This is because it can buildup on a pipe and constrict the flow of water through it. If a sufficient amount of fat or grease does get into a pipe, it may be necessary to call professionals for drain cleaning in Kansas City, MO.

Prevent Foreign Objects From Going Down a Drain

Generally speaking, the pipes that carry water throughout your home aren’t very big. Therefore, it only takes a small razor, chicken bone or child’s toy to create a potentially damaging obstruction. It may be possible to use drain covers to prevent anything other than water or fine hair from escaping your sink or tub. Companies offering drain cleaning in Kansas City, MO, may be able to offer emergency assistance to get rid of any object that doesn’t belong in your home’s plumbing system.

Wear Hair Nets When Taking a Shower

It isn’t difficult for hair to fall off of your head and take the path of least resistance down a drain. In some cases, hairs can fall into the tub or sink just because you moved your head or decided to use a brush.

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