Nobody likes to have drain problems. They’re not only a big hassle, but they can also cause health problems if they’re not fixed right away. That’s why you need to call an experienced Birmingham drain cleaning company when you have issues with a drain. Here are some key advantages to hiring one of these service companies.

Expertise and Know-How

An experienced drain cleaner in Birmingham, AL, has spent up to seven years learning how to clean and repair drains, fix pipes and work with various plumbing fixtures. He’s also encountered many similar situations on the job. This means he’s highly qualified to clean your drain out.

Proper Diagnosis

A reputable drain cleaning technician or plumber will have the necessary tools to make a proper diagnosis of your drain. For example, he may use a video camera to locate the blockage. This will help him better understand the severity of the blockage and how to best go about clearing it.

Get Problem Fixed

Your drain cleaner in Birmingham, AL, will know which method will work best to unclog your drain. He may start by feeding an auger down the drain, using the coils to grab the debris and pull it out. For a more severe blockage, hydro jetting may be necessary. However, a drain specialist will know how to use hydro jetting without damaging older or more fragile pipes.

Other Services

Reputable drain cleaners in Birmingham, AL, will usually offer additional services, including routine maintenance, faucet and toilet replacements and installations, sewer line repairs and even whole home water filtration assistance. This enables you to use the same drain cleaning company or contractor for all of your plumbing needs.

A reputable Birmingham drain cleaning company will always provide you with a reasonable price quote. Your plumber will also assess the situation and give you the quote before he starts working on your drain.

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