Hot water is one of those things that isn’t thought about until it’s gone. Jumping into a cold shower isn’t much fun. Washing greasy dishes in a sink full of cold water isn’t the best choice either. Unfortunately, when the water heater isn’t working, there’s not much choice. Many don’t realize there is anything wrong with the water heater until they have no hot water. Unfortunately, by that time, the water heater may have done some damage to the walls or floor, if it’s been leaking. If there’s no leak, just no hot water, it may be a simple water heaters repair in Alexandria, VA. Calling a plumber, such as one from Business Name, will allow a professional to assess the situation and determine if the water heater can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

If the water heater isn’t leaking, but just not heating water, the fix may be minor, as long as the unit is fairly new. If the water heater is close to 10 years old, or older, it’s usually not recommended to put money into repairing it, as it’s already past its prime. For a newer unit, the repair could be something as simple as the replacing a bad thermostat or heating element. Sometimes, it’s even the electrical breaker, as that should always be checked first, if the unit doesn’t seem to have power.

If the water heater is discovered to be leaking, and the base of the tank is corroded, the unit must be replaced. Corrosion comes from a buildup of sediment in the base of the tank. The sediment occurs from minerals in the water. Though the sediment can’t be prevented from leaching out of the water, flushing the tank regularly will prevent the sediment from building up, thus preventing the corrosion. Occasionally, a small leak on the top of the tank may be caused by a loose fitting. It’s always worthwhile to check the fittings, if water is leaking from the unit top.

It’s suggested to examine the water heater occasionally. A leaking unit can do much damage if it’s not discovered for quite some time. If the heater isn’t working as it should, don’t delay, Call for water heaters repair in Alexandria, VA. Hot water is something no one wants to do without.