Many homeowners underestimate the importance of preventive maintenance in keeping the plumbing system working properly. Some believe that it is tedious and costly to maintain toilets, drains, and pipes, but it is more practical to spend a bit on maintenance than to hire a plumber for a total system replacement. The tips below can prevent a homeowner from paying for avoidable repairs.

Have Regular Water Heating System Inspections

Residential water heaters can last a decade or more if properly maintained. Because the water heater is used every day, it is important to check it at least once per month for potential issues. If the homeowner cannot hear a gurgling from the unit, it could mean that there’s no water going to the drain tube. In this case, the homeowner should call for Plumbing Repair in Jackson MI to keep the family safe.

Consider Upgrading Fixtures and Hoses

Homeowners should contemplate replacing the structure’s rubber hoses with ones made of metal. Fixtures such as valves, pipes, and water line raisers should be upgraded as well. Modern homes have more complex plumbing systems because they contain more appliances than the homes of the past. The easiest way to spot problems is to walk through the house, inspecting ceilings, floors, and walls for signs of leaking water and trapped moisture. Metallic hoses can withstand harsh weather and generally last for upwards of 15 years.

Maintain Drains

The drains in the bathroom and kitchen are likely to become clogged with hair and other debris, but periodic cleaning can prevent these issues. Homeowners can avoid emergency plumbing service calls by keeping the kitchen and bath clean and by avoiding pouring grease down the sink drain in the kitchen. In the bath, a sink trap can prevent soap and hair from passing through the pipes, preventing the need for costly Plumbing Repair in Jackson MI.

Get Regular Tune-Ups

Homeowners and property managers should hire a plumber at least once yearly to inspect the system for potential problems. Only a licensed plumber can repair the complex damage that isn’t easily identified by inexperienced personnel. A plumber with  will evaluate the system and recommend appropriate repairs and maintenance. By taking preventive measures, homeowners can avoid costly plumbing disasters.