One day, you might hear banging noises coming from your pipes. This sound is called a “water hammer”. The water hammer can harm your entire plumbing system. This phenomenon happens when your water either stops completely or changes direction suddenly. A shock wave will then go through your pipes. This then causes all the loud commotion in your pipes. If you don’t address this issue, this can cause problems for your plumbing system.

This article will tell you what a water hammer is and when you should call in the experts in plumbing repairs Newnan, GA.

What Exactly Is A Water Hammer?

It’s a surge that occurs in your pipes when the water is forced to stop or change its direction really quickly. This causes loud banging that occurs in your pipes. This process got its name from the water “hammering” into your pipes. But a water hammer isn’t always a problem. Sometimes it can happen due to higher water pressure. Get a water pressure gauge to figure out if this is the case.

How Does a Water Hammer Affect Your Plumbing System?

It can damage your pipe joints over some time. Your pipes might burst, they may start leaking, or they could even detach from their connections. If the water hammer occurs due to high water pressure, it could also pose a risk. For example, high water pressure in a shower can cause someone to get injured through water that’s too hot or forceful.

How to Prevent Water Hammers From Happening

First, get the experts in plumbing repairs Newnan, GA, to secure your pipes. While this solution won’t help the most problematic cases, this option acts as a cost-effective way to deal with this issue. You can also get an air chamber installed. It’s a section of the vertical pipe that is placed near your problem pipes. It gives the extra force in your pipes a place to go.

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