Pipes are used to carry water under pressure, gas, sewage and wastewater, the professional who installs and maintains these pipes is a plumber. The whole system of pipes along with associated fittings is called plumbing. A plumber in Texas City TX will have typically have been through an apprenticeship program before becoming a master plumber, many of which strike out on their own and start their own plumbing business.

The word plumber has its roots in the Latin word “plumbum” which means lead. In the distant past all pipes and pipe joints were made from lead and the people who dealt with this were known literally as “lead workers.” Lead piping has long been banned due to the health hazards of lead but never the less; people who pursue this professional are still called plumbers. Since a plumber in Texas City TX is often expected to dive into the pits of pipes and pipe fittings to clear clogs or identify a problem the term plumbing is used as a colloquialism for describing digging deep for information.

A plumber is typically part of the crew that is involved during the construction of a new building. The plumber makes the determination of where the pipes should be located and laid and sees to the installation of the pipes. The job of a plumber rarely stops with just the pipes; the plumber will typically connect the pipes to the various external fixtures; such things as sinks, showers and bathtubs. The same individual is also normally responsible for the installation of natural gas lines which deliver gas to the home for heating and cooking purposes, some plumbers take a further step in their career and become certified in heating and cooling systems and equipment as well. Plumbers are one of a team which includes carpenters and electricians, all of whom work in concert.

Plumbers are also called upon to make repairs and replacements to aging pipes. Plumbers also are called in to unclog drains, toilets and sinks as well as fix faucets that are leaking. Of course some of these tasks are minor and often are attended to by the homeowner but in other cases only a professional has the skills, knowledge and tools to do the job and to do it right. Repairing or replacing underground sewers can get quite complex, in many cases tree roots have grown into the drain and a new drain has to be laid, skirting the problem.

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