Maintaining the plumbing in a municipal building, factory, and other types of commercial buildings are important. From time to time, it makes sense to have the lines checked and identify any type of maintenance that may be needed. Today, it’s not unusual for a Commercial Plumber in Ft Washington MD to use non-destructive testing methods like video cameras. Here is how a video pipeline inspection would be conducted.

What the Process Involves

The goal is to use camera technology to inspect the interior of the pipe system. This is done by attaching a small camera equipped with a LED light to the end of a cable. The cable is sturdy enough to progress through the system without tangling or jamming. It also protects the wiring and other components that allow the Commercial Plumber in Ft Washington MD to control the movement of the camera proper. For example, it is easy enough to have the camera move to the right or the left in order to get a closer look at some section of a pipe interior.

The power supply for the camera is usually a battery array found in the plumber’s supply truck. Points of entry vary, but they could involve insertion into exterior drains, manholes, or even by running the cable into the system by means of a sink drain.

What the Inspection Will Do

This type of inspection makes is possible to determine how much residue has collected on the interior walls of the pipes. It’s also a great way to identify areas where the pipe is weakened. Thanks to the digital controls, it’s easier to pinpoint the location of the problem and know which section of pipe needs attention. Using the camera eliminates the need to use a lot of time manually inspecting the pipe section by section. Instead, more time can be devoted to addressing the problem and coming up with the best solution.

If the plumbing in any type of commercial building does not seem to be working properly, call the team at B. McCall Plumbing Inc today. A professional will soon be on the way and know what needs to be done in order to correct the issue.