Your sewer pipe runs underground, making it difficult to diagnose and repair. With the right tool, though, a good plumbing company can get the job done without causing a major impact on your life. That tool is the sewer inspection camera.

Finds Breaks and Blockages

Your plumbing will often exhibit signs that there’s a break or blockage somewhere. You may have wastewater backing up into your drains or leaking into your lawn. However, you may have no signs at all. If it’s been a while since your sewer line has seen the light of day, you might want to get it checked out with a sewer inspection camera in San Mateo, CA. Plumbing problems are best nipped in the bud.


A sewer camera inspection leaves your home and yard intact. There is no exploratory digging needed to find the problem with your sewer line. Your plumber will simply place the camera in the line and run it through the pipe until a problem arises. The camera sends back a live feed of what’s going on inside your sewer line so it’s easy to detect the issue and locate it, thus eliminating the need for any guesswork.

Saves You Money

Without all of the exploratory digging going on, your plumber can get right to work after using a sewer inspection camera in San Mateo, CA, to pinpoint the problem. You’ll save both time and money and your yard won’t pay the price.

No Doubt Service

The sewer inspection camera in San Mateo, CA, does not lie. Your plumber can show you on a small monitor exactly where the problem lies if you’ve got one. What this means for you is a one-time fix. Without a sewer line camera, plumbers are at the mercy of their best guesses.

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