Faucet leaks in the home are a common occurrence, and it’s important that homeowners contact a professional who specializes in Faucet Leak Repair in Duluth MN, as soon as possible. Even a small drip of water that leaks from a faucet can add up to wasting thousands of gallons of water each year. To learn more about faucet leaks in the home, read the two questions and answers below.

Q.) What are the most common reasons why a faucet leaks water?

A.) One of the reasons why a faucet can leak is because the O-ring is worn out or loose, and this causes the water to leak around the handle. A valve seat that’s corroded due to the mineral deposits and sediment in the water often causes a faucet to leak near the spout. Another possible cause of a faucet to drip water from the spout is due to a faulty washer. This small rubber component can wear out or break, and it can also fail to work properly if the washer isn’t the correct size or if it’s positioned inside the faucet incorrectly. Hard water deposits can also cause the seal in a faucet to deteriorate and, when the seal isn’t doing its job, the faucet can leak.

Q.) What are some problems that can be attributed to a leaky faucet?

A.) In addition to wasting an excessive amount of water, homeowners are paying for the water loss each month when they pay their water bill. A small faucet leak that causes water to drip 24 hours a day, every day of the week, really adds up. When a faucet leaks for years, it can eventually damage the sink, and a replacement sink can be expensive. If the pipes that attach to the faucet begin leaking, this will cause a buildup of moisture and mold will start growing. The mold will continue to spread until the pipe is repaired by a technician who specializes in Faucet Leak Repair in Duluth MN, and the moisture problem is resolved.

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