Do you have a problem with keeping your garbage disposals working well consistently? If you find yourself constantly calling the plumber for help with your garbage disposal, you may have a problem. Understanding how to keep your garbage disposal from getting broken regularly can ensure that the life of your system is extended. This also cuts down on the amount of times you need to call in the plumber to help fix it.

Check it before turning it on

There are countless times when we just flip the switch for our garbage disposals without checking to see if anything is down there. It is common for objects to fall down into the drain when we aren’t paying attention. When this happens, we need to remove the object carefully so that it doesn’t get wedged into the system. Checking garbage disposals prior to operating them is always the best practice.

No hard objects down the drain

Some people think that their garbage disposals have blades of unbreakable steel. However even these can become damaged if the wrong items are placed in the system. When operating garbage disposals, it is best never to place extremely hard objects such as bones and bone gristles. This will cause the system to malfunction and will require garbage disposal repair. Instead, take the time to dispose of bones in the garbage receptacle so you can be assured of having a fully functioning garbage disposal for the long haul.

Avoid fibrous foods

Another type of food to avoid is fibrous foods. Celery and other stringy foods can wrap around the motor of the garbage disposal causing it to malfunction. To keep garbage disposals operating well at all times, avoiding fibrous foods is always the way to go.

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