Hot water heaters still work in the same ways as they have for many generations. Cold water is piped through a long tube, to the bottom of the tank. The water is then heated by either an electric or gas burner. Once heated to the right temperature, the warm water rises and is taken from the tank when needed.

Water Heater Problems

Following are three common water heater problems, and what may be the causes. Hiring a company such as South Side Plumbing & Heating will help to determine what the cause is.

  • Rumbling-The water heater may make a popcorn or “rumbling” sound. This is due to sediment buildup, indicating it needs to be flushed.
  • Leaks- A leaking water heater may be as simple as needing a valve replacement to more complex, such as replacing a corroded tank.
  • Tripping the circuit breaker- There are three things that could cause the heater to draw more power than it should: a bad heating element, a poor thermostat, and wiring problems.

Servicing a Water Heater

It is important to upkeep with a Hot Water Heater Service as much as possible to avoid running into such problems. Following are a few tips for servicing a water heater.

  • Test the TPR valve. The TPR valve is the valve that opens should the tank pressure get too high. It is very important to correct this problem immediately.
  • Inspect the Anode Rod. The rod should be free of corrosion. If the rod has any corrosion, the water will attack any exposed metals inside the tank, resulting in failure.
  • Adjust the temperature. This saves money on overall energy costs and keeps the tank from overheating.
    Flush the tank on an annual basis. Flushing the tank removes any sediment that may have accumulated throughout the year.
  • Check any leaks associated with condensation. While condensation is ok to have, it is important to ensure the condensation is not a result of something more serious.

Professionals may assist with Hot Water Heater Service if the individual cannot or feels uncomfortable doing it themselves. Hiring a professional is a simple process. The best ways to ensure a high-quality professional are to review online, ask for referrals, and contact the company directly. Contact one today to ensure the diagnosis and repair is done correctly. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!