Most issues that constitute genuine residential plumbing emergencies like damaged pipes, leaks and clogged drains can be avoided through adequate preventative maintenance. Unfortunately, though, most homeowners don’t give much thought to their plumbing systems at all until something goes wrong. If something does go wrong it’s important to keep in mind that while some issues can be put off until normal business hours, those below always require a cal to a dedicated Emergency Plumber in Texas City TX.

Burst Pipes

The primary issue when it comes to burst pipes is stopping the flow of water to the pipe so that repairs can be performed and no additional water damage can occur. Homeowners can take this step themselves before their plumbers even arrive by simply locating the main shut-off valves to their homes and closing it. Once this has been done, turn on all of the cold water taps to drain any residual water from the lines and call an emergency plumber for immediate service, as the household’s plumbing will necessarily be out of commission until the problem is resolved.

Leaky Fixtures

The water supply to leaky fixtures should be turned off independently instead of at the main shut-off valve. If the fixture is not one that is used very often, it may be appropriate to leave it shut off and avoid using it until normal operating hours. If, however, the fixture is essential to the household’s ability to function, it’s probably worth the extra investment to call an Emergency Plumber in Texas City TX for immediate repairs.

Blocked Drains

Most homeowners’ first response to blocked drains is to attempt to unclog them using plungers or chemical drain cleaners, but it’s best to avoid these as long-term solutions, as they can cause damage to pipes and are rarely effective at removing the underlying source of clogs. As with leaky fixtures, fixing blocked drains can be put off ’til normal business hours if they are not frequently in use and there are no sanitation risks present. If, however, the block is in a sewer line or a drain that requires frequent use, it’s a good idea to check out Visit the website or call to schedule 24/7 emergency services.