Every home has several types of methods for draining water. There is the drainage system that takes the waste water from inside the home to the sewer system. There are also the drainage aspects of a home that help direct rain water away from home. These things can become clogged and prevent water from leaving properly. Fortunately, there are professionals that provide Drain Cleaning in Portland OR to help with all of a home’s drainage needs.


When the drains or sewer lines in a home begin to slow or stop up, it is important to clear the build-up or clog that is preventing the water from moving properly. Professional Drain Cleaning in Portland OR offers a method for clearing out these clogs and build up to allow water to exit freely. These professionals utilize hydro-jetting for clearing drains. This process utilizes pressurized water and no chemicals to safely and thoroughly clear away debris and clogs from these lines.

Rain Drain Cleaning

Another drainage system vital to a home is the gutter system. The gutters provide a collection area for water that runs off the roof. This water is then channeled through the gutters to the downspouts to direct rain water from the home. Leaves and other debris can build up in these gutters and spouts. This can cause water to spill over or collect in the gutters causing damage to the roof and home. There are professional drain cleaners that can provide services to remove this debris and keep the water moving.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Near each property in Oregon is a catch basin or storm drain. This drain lets rain water flow into the storm drain system to help keep water away from the home. These catch basins and storm drains can become clogged with dirt, plants, and debris. This can make it impossible for water to exit the property. This can cause water to pool and damage the property. The right professional can provide complete cleaning of this area to remove any particles that are preventing the water from draining.

Proper drainage is important in protecting the property and the home. Companies, such as Clog Busters LLC, provide a plethora of services to ensure these systems work as they should.