Individuals who have a dripping faucet or a leaky water line may not think it’s a big deal, but even a small leak can turn into a major problem. In addition to the water that’s wasted, a leak can ultimately cause house damage and mold growth. Read the information below to learn three reasons why it’s important to immediately contact a professional for Plumbing Repair in Texas City TX.

Water Waste

A water faucet that continually drips water adds up to a large amount of water waste in the home. When a faucet drips 24 hours a day, it adds up to several gallons of water that’s going down the drain. A slow drip can waste up to ten gallons of water a day, while a faster faucet drip may waste fifty gallons of water or even more.

In addition to the wasted water, individuals have to pay for the water they use so they’re also wasting money by not fixing their dripping faucet. In addition to faucets, it’s not uncommon for water pipes to leak inside the home. Once a water leak is detected, individuals should call a professional plumber who specializes in Plumbing Repair in Texas City TX as soon as possible.

Damage To The Home

When there’s a water pipe leak inside the house, the water can cause damage to the floor, furniture and anything else it comes into contact with. If the pipe underneath a faucet is leaking, it will damage the cabinet that’s underneath the sink. Other items that are being stored in the cabinet will also become ruined due to the water leak.

Mold Growth

Any water leak inside the house can lead to mold growth and this harmful substance will begin to grow within a time frame of 48 hours after a leak begins. This type of mold is a black substance that continually becomes larger. Many individuals will have an allergic reaction to mold and it’s dangerous when individuals breathe mold spores into their lungs.

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