If you are planning to have a new sink installed, it helps to know more about how a sink drains and its anatomy. A kitchen sink is linked to the water supply in a home and is used to provide the drain waste system and faucets for drainage. Kitchen sinks function much the same as bathroom sinks except that they are connected to more fixtures.

How a Sink Is Designed

According to a plumbing technician in Bethlehem, PA, a sink is made to hook up to a faucet, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and water filter. A kitchen sink normally features a strainer that is placed through a hole in the sink and sealed with putty. Under the sink, a strainer body is attached to a tailpiece of the drain and the remainder of the drain plumbing. The garbage disposal is affixed directly to the strainer body.

Beneath the sink, a metal washer, gasket, or retainer is attached to the sink. The tailpiece is attached to the strainer body with the use of a coupling. Slip-joint type couplings are used to link the tailpiece, primary sections of the drain’s trap, and the threaded nipple inside the piping. You can find out more details by asking a plumbing technician when you have a kitchen sink installed. He or she is the best source as he or she can show you how each part looks and how it used for drainage.
For instance, the sink trap is a pipe that is formed into a “J” shape that is used to capture sewer gases or prevent them from entering a house. Sometimes the trap is referred to as a “P” trap because it resembles a face-down “P”.

Did You Lose Your Ring?

The sink trap is linked to the sink’s tailpiece and the drainpipe. A plumbing technician ensures a watertight seal by adding a rubber washer. If your sink is blocked or you drop a ring, for instance, down the drain, the first inspection that is made is normally the trap.

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