A basement provides valuable extra square footage in a home, but some basements can be susceptible to flooding when severe storms pass through. One way to remedy this problem is to have Sump Pump Installation in Baltimore MD done to keep the water out. A sump pump collects water that has accumulated in the basement’s sump basin and pumps it outdoors. By removing the water, the basement can be used regularly without worrying about water puddling in the room.

Drainage Problems

When a basement has moisture problems it may be time for sump pump installation in Baltimore MD. Many older homes do not have adequate waterproofing systems installed in them, so a sump pump can make a huge difference in reducing the amount of water that collects in the basement. When thinking about installing a sump pump, it’s important that it is placed in the correct location in order for the pump to do its job effectively.


The best location for a sump pump is the spot where the most water seems to collect naturally. Most often it is in the lowest spot of the basement or in a crawlspace. The location needs to be near a ground fault interrupter outlet in order to be able to plug the sump pump in so that it has electricity to operate. If no plug is present near the chosen location, then an electrician should be called out to install one, since proper wiring is necessary in order to safely operate the pump.

How a Sump Pump Works

A sump pump is usually placed in the lowest part of a basement. Water flows into the sump pit where it is pumped out by the sump pump and sent outside to a spot that is far away from the basement. By continually pulling the water out of the basement, the sump pump helps to keep the basement free of any standing water.

A sump pump can turn a moisture prone basement space into a usable area that is dry and water free. Saffer Plumbing & Heating is an experienced plumbing contractor who can properly address any sump pump needs. They also offer emergency plumbing service if any issues occur with a sump pump during non-business hours.