Smart Plumbing: A Few Signs It Might Be Time to Call a Plumber

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Plumbing

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Plumbing problems will come at some point, and it’s important to recognize when there’s an issue so that you aren’t caught unaware. Plumbing emergencies don’t usually just show up out of the blue but rather will present some signs. If you notice any of the following, it could indicate that you need plumbing repair in Arlington, VA.

Signs a Plumbing Issue Is Brewing

  • You notice a leak around your pipes, which could mean the structure of the pipes has been compromised.
  • The water bill is slightly higher than normal, even though nothing has changed, which could also mean a leak.
  • You start hearing pipes rattling for no reason or any other noise telling you that your plumbing is unstable.
  • Slow drainage could mean your system is getting plugged up, and the issue could get quite deep.
  • Water backing up in your toilet or any of your sinks is a sign of trouble and could indicate a clog.
  • A bad smell coming from your drains could be telling you there is a clog, or it could be a dry p-trap.
  • You notice low water pressure, which could be a sign of a leak or could also mean something is blocking the pipes.

These are just some signs telling you it is time to consider plumbing repair in Arlington, VA, but there are others. Take note of anything that is out of the ordinary.

Keep in mind that some plumbing problems that go unresolved could lead to more issues later on. For example, leaks could end up causing mold or attracting insects or rodents to your home. Serious leaks could also lead to water damage, and that could hurt your home’s overall structure.

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