A home’s sewer line may be out of the owner’s sight, but it should never be out of their mind. A sewer line is a pipe that carries water to or from the main line to the home, and many of these lines are old and deteriorated. By learning the signs of sewer line problems, homeowners can take steps to solve them with Plumbing Repairs in Saginaw TX.

Line Age and Composition

If a home was built before the 1980s, its sewer lines are probably made of clay. Homes built over 50 years ago likely have lines made of ductile or cast iron, which gradually corrode and are prone to breakage.

The Surrounding Soil

Some soils are tougher on a home’s sewer lines than others are. For instance, clay is corrosive due to its low resistivity and high chloride content. On the other hand, sand is inert, which makes it the best soil for a sewer line.

Nearby Trees

Tree roots actively seek out sewer lines because they contain oxygen and water, which are necessary for growth. A common problem with sewer lines occurs when trees infiltrate the system. If there’s a mature tree near the sewer line, future problems may arise.

Warning Signs

There are a few indications of a developing sewer line issue. If the home’s shower and faucets don’t put out steady streams of water, there may be a line leak. Slow drainage and clogged toilets could indicate a line blockage. By dealing with these problems early, homeowners can prevent more serious and expensive issues in the future.

Insurance Doesn’t Typically Cover Breakage

Homeowners should know that their insurance policies usually won’t cover a sewer line break, and they should also know that they’re responsible for the parts of the system that are on their property. If a breakage occurs, it’s important to address it right away.

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The above signs may indicate the presence of a sewer line problem. Like most problems, the sooner the issue is detected, the easier and less expensive it will be to resolve. Contact Us by phone or visit us online to schedule plumbing repair in Saginaw TX.