Most homeowners know that sewer lines transport waste water from the house to underground pipes. However, most don’t think about their sewer lines until there’s a problem. A clogged sewer line can lead to a serious backup, which can cause significant damage. Homeowners who know how to spot and respond to signs of sewer trouble can prevent serious and expensive issues. Below are some signs to look for when determining the need for Sewer Cleaning in Helotes TX.

Clogged Drains and Toilets

The most common signs of sewer failure are backups in toilet and drain plumbing. If the home’s toilets start bubbling when the dishwasher is used, that’s a sure sign of a clog in a secondary or main sewer line. If a clog is in the main line, running water anywhere in the home will cause issues; if it’s in the secondary line, it will be more isolated.

Root Intrusion, Toilet Paper and Feminine Products

Root growth is a primary reason for clogged sewer lines, especially in older homes. Lines can become clogged in newer homes because of paper towels, feminine products and even thick toilet paper. A slow drain and gurgling noises from the toilet are reliable indicators that the system is being affected by root growth or other factors. If the homeowner doesn’t take prompt action by calling a plumber, complete blockage can occur.

Ways to Deal With Blocked Sewer Lines

• Pressure release. If there’s a clogged sewer line, the homeowner should shut the water off at the main source and call a plumber. The contractor can find the clean out line and remove the cap to relieve pressure. Homeowners should fill their sinks twice per month and allow them to drain to keep water flowing through the pipes.

• Get a video inspection. The plumber can run a drain auger through a clog to clear it, but if they can’t find the issue, a camera inspection may be necessary.

Customers should be wary of companies that suggest video inspection before trying Sewer Cleaning in Helotes TX. These companies may inspect the sewer to increase their own bottom line, without taking measures to open the line. By learning what to expect, homeowners can visit the website to resolve their sewer issues without spending unnecessarily.