Do you need underground water line repair in Conyers, GA? It can be difficult to know you have an underground water leak. Underground leaks are harder to detect for many home and business owners because they cannot be seen. When a water pipe bursts in or around your home, it is easy to notice because of the massive amount of water. On the other hand, when a water line bursts underground, the water is absorbed by the surrounding soil. Here are two ways you can tell if you have an underground water leak.

Low Water Pressure

A professional underground water leak detection company has the equipment and training necessary to find and repair underground water leaks. As a home or business owner, it is not so easy. One of the main indicators of an underground water leak is low water pressure throughout the building. When water is leaking into the ground, the water pressure drops. You may notice when you turn on a sink or shower, the water pressure has dropped. If this drop in water pressure is not only in one room but throughout the building, it is a sign you should call a company for underground water line repair in Conyers, GA.

Wet Grass

Water will steadily flow out of the line until it is replaced. If it has not rained and your grass is constantly wet, it is an indicator that a water line may have burst. Most companies offer free inspections and estimates for customers. You can call these companies to come to assess why your yard or outdoor area remains wet even during dry spells. You may also notice your water bill has significantly increased while your water usage has remained the same. These are all signs you require professional underground water line repair.