While many plumbing issues can wait until the next business day, others require attention as quickly as possible. Knowing when you need help from a 24-hour plumber in Charlotte, NC, is not always as easy as you think. The nature of the problem has a lot to do with whether you make the call now or put it off until tomorrow. Here are examples of three issues that need immediate attention, even if they occur in the middle of the night.

The Water Heater Bursts

One of the classic plumbing issues that need immediate attention is a broken water heater. When the tank bursts, water continues to spread everywhere. Many people are amazed at how quickly a basement can fill with water once the tank fails. Given the amount of structural damage that all the water can cause, your best bet is to find the water valve, cut off the supply to the heater and call a plumber for help immediately.

Pipes That Freeze and Then Thaw

Frozen pipes don’t always burst, but it happens often enough that you may need to have a 24-hour plumber in Charlotte, NC. Once the pipe does thaw, water may go in several directions. Keep a cool head, cut off the water to the pipe, and call for help at once. Your quick action will save a lot of money on the next water bill. It will also contain the damage and make the repairs a lot easier to cover.

Faucets That Won’t Turn Off

The faucet worked fine right up to the most recent time you turned on the tap. Now it won’t shut off. The mechanism has failed, and nothing will change until a 24-hour plumber in Charlotte, NC, checks and possibly replaces the faucet. Find the valve under the sink and cut off the supply. Once that’s done, call a plumber and describe what’s happening. It won’t be long before the professional shows up and determines what needs to happen next.

When some type of plumbing emergency occurs, don’t panic. If possible, find a way to cut off the water supply to the damaged appliance or fixture. Once that’s done, call a plumber and arrange for a professional to take a look. There’s a good chance that the plumber can further contain the situation, discuss repair options with you, and take care of the problem in less time than you thought possible.