Plumbing pipes run deep within the ground, coming from within the house and connecting to the municipal sewage lines running under the street. However, if a pipe gets blocked or damaged, the replacement or repair process can be quite costly. The ground will have to be dug up, causing significant damage to your outer landscape as well. However, a more viable solution is to opt for no dig pipe lining methods. It is a cheaper alternative, and you won’t even have to dig up all around your garden space.


The first step is to inspect the pipe and figure out the part of the pipe that is damaged. Usually, companies such as use specialized micro-cameras to figure out the exact point of the damage, and then measure the distance on top. Once the exact point has been located, the company will then prepare the new lining for the sewer pipes. The pipe lining is prepared according to the size of the sewer pipe, after careful measurements have been taken.


No dig pipe lining is installed with the help of a powerful machine that uses air pressure to place the lining around the pipes. Epoxy resin is also used to cover the lining and make it impregnable. The inversion process usually takes a little over an hour, and literally turns the material of the pipe inside out, thus allowing the resin to bond tightly with the pipe. The curing time for the resin is around three hours, and the estimated lifespan of the pipe is around fifty years. As you can see, no dig pipe lining is one of the most effective methods for repairing damaged or broken pipes without actually causing a lot of damage to the surrounding area, especially the landscaping and gardens. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.