As the winter season approaches, you may find that you have not given as much thought on how to save energy costs for heating beyond the insulation of your exterior walls and the selection of energy-efficient appliances. However, what if the most significant opportunity for the reduction of heating costs was the plumbing within your household?. With water bills, heating, and electricity bills rising in tandem, you can not afford to overlook this opportunity to save on cost. Not only will you save on home heating costs, but you may be able to increase your home value by investing in these two home attributes. This value proposition is where plumbing service Ferndale WA comes in.

Tankless Water Heaters

You may be familiar with the conventional storage water heater, where you set the temperature through a thermostat to maintain water at the desired temperature. As you could fathom, the cost for maintaining this temperature increases as the temperature difference between inside the house and outside increase due to winter weather. While gas water heaters are more effective at heating water at a faster rate than electric water heaters, there is still the cost of maintaining the temperature of the water inside the tank. Tankless Water heaters remove this cost by heating water on an as-needed basis versus intermittently. Get more information on tankless water heaters by speaking with a representative of plumbing service Ferndale WA.

Radiant Floor Heating

Most people are aware of the need for the insulation of walls and the benefits of having a tight envelope. However, some homeowners may not consider the amount of heat loss due to the natural rise of heat. Avoiding the design feature of high ceilings may not be sufficient to subvert this cost. In this case, you may want to consider using infrared heating floors. Infrared heating floors not only provides comfort but distributes heat where it is preferred. Best of all, it can be operated on a room-by-room basis or operated when electrical rates are at their lowest during certain days.

Don’t let the winter season catch you off guard. Get more information on all of your seasonal plumbing needs through the assistance of Plumbing Service Ferndale WA.