Homeowners hooked into a municipal water grid don’t have to worry about solving their own water supply problems. Those households that use well water, however, do not have the luxury of simply calling the utility company when something goes wrong. They must find practical solutions themselves. Most of the time, providing a solution to water supply issues is as simple as purchasing a well pump.

While there are many types of pump available on the market, the most popular of these options, by far, in contemporary times is submersible Well Pumps in Manchester NH. Choosing the right submersible pump is not always a simple matter, though. This article is intended to help property owners looking to replace their old pumps or purchase new ones for recently drilled wells find the product that is right for their unique needs.

For Replacement Installations

Those who are replacing water pumps can generally base their purchasing decisions on what type and size of pump they currently have. Older pumps may be jet pumps, which are available as either shallow well jet pumps or deep well jet pumps, or may be submersible pumps.

Size Matters

Before deciding what size pump to buy, take a look at the horsepower of the old pump. If it is being replaced due to an inability to provide sufficient water, purchase the next largest size. It’s rare that an old pump must be replaced with a new one that is more than one size larger than the pump being replaced.

For New Installations

First, check the well driller’s report to see how deep the well is. If this information is not available, it can be determined by tying a fishing bobber to the end of a length of string and lowering it until it is floating on top of the water. The depth can then be measured according to the length of the string.

Purchasing the Right Pump

Shallow wells that are less than 25 feet in depth can utilize a shallow well jet pump. Those that are between 25 and 110 feet require a deep well jet pump. Those that are between 25 and 400 feet in depth will require a submersible pump.

Get Started Today

For those who don’t know much about wells, choosing the right Well Pumps in Manchester NH is as simple as asking a professional for advice. Click Here for more information.