High-quality kitchen remodels today frequently feature several types of new plumbing equipment, but one of the most appreciated is the hot water dispense. This piece of kitchen equipment saves homeowners time every day by providing hot water on demand. There are several reasons plumbing and remodeling companies recommend Hot Water Dispensers to their clients who are redoing their kitchens.

A hot water dispenser is a separate faucet with a lever that provides nearly instantaneous hot water. The water temperature can range from body temperature at just under 100 degrees Fahrenheit to nearly boiling at 200 degrees. A hot water dispenser has a number of uses, including the obvious benefit of providing instant hot water for tea, coffee or hot chocolate. A dispenser will also quickly heat a baby bottle or thaw a package of frozen vegetables. A homeowner who prepares a lot of oatmeal or pasta will appreciate the convenience of having water on hand that’s almost ready to boil. It’s almost inevitable that a jar lid won’t loosen easily, or a label will need to be removed from a can or jar. In these and many other cases, a hot water dispenser provides the needed extra help a cook needs in the kitchen.

The convenience of having a hot water dispenser next to the kitchen faucet can’t be overstated. Whether the dispenser stores the hot water in a tank when it isn’t being used or simply heats the water on demand, the electricity savings are noticeable. Some homeowners who are interested in using as little electricity as possible can turn off the dispenser at night when it likely won’t be needed. The water will heat quickly when it’s turned back on the next morning. Family members will appreciate having hot water for the first cup of coffee, a bowl of hot cereal or a relaxing cup of tea.

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