The plumbing in a home or business is a complex mix of pipes, faucets, and fixtures that provide fresh water for cleaning and a method of eliminating waste. When the system develops a fault, it is time to contact an expert. One reason for this is the fact that water can quickly damage many of the materials that buildings are made of. For instance, when drywall is saturated with water, it quickly begins to swell, soften, and crumble. However, a larger issue can occur if the fault is a leak hidden somewhere in the walls or cabinets. Hidden leaks can allow the structure of the building to soak up water, and this may result in wood rot and expensive repairs. A Plumbing Service in Endicott NY can help by inspecting the system for damages or searching for hidden leaks or broken pipes.

One common plumbing issue is a clogged drain. Clogs can occur for a variety of reasons, including hair in a pipe trap, but the most difficult clogs tend to be those found in the main sewer lines. Most modern installations have an access vent in this pipe so that a Plumbing Service in Endicott NY can quickly check the line. Inspection is usually done with a video camera placed on a long, flexible cable. If a blockage is found, the plumber will attempt to remove it with a rooting tool, commonly known as a pipe-snake. If things are really clogged, then they may recommend cleaning the sewer pipes.

Sewer pipe cleaning is known as hydro-jetting or water jetting. Its purpose is to remove the sludge and solid waste that collects on the pipe walls. Water jetting is an effective method of eliminating problems because it scours the pipes thoroughly. Once the pipes are cleaned, the plumber may inspect them again to check for signs of damages such as cracks or root growth. Roots can be a tough problem because they tend to recur and will quickly block the drain pipe again. Knowing where the roots enter the pipe is the best way to find their source and eliminate it. Visit the website and discover more about plumbing services.