Easy Maintenance to Help You Avoid Calling in a Drain Cleaner Rock Hill, SC

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Plumbing Services

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Blocked drains can stop a functioning household dead in its tracks. Fortunately, you can take specific measures that will help prevent your drains from clogging and bringing your home to a standstill. A few of them are listed below, and by doing them, you can avoid the need for calling in a professional drain cleaner in Rock Hill, SC.

Hot Water Down Drain

Oil and grease are common in foods and food preparation. Therefore, over time, you should expect them to build up somewhat in your pipes. It’s normal and should cause no worry unless you are dumping large loads of oil down the sink. To help keep this buildup to a minimum, simply pour hot water down your drains regularly to help melt the grease and oil and send it on its way.

Drain Strainer Care and Maintenance

Drain strainers are the last line of defense for your pipes. Can you imagine how much stuff would get into your pipes without one? You will want to make sure yours are flush to their respective drains, so nothing slips by them. You’ll also want to inspect them regularly for any damage. Often, the screens become bent or the tiny holes enlarged, which can result in food and other particles slipping by them.

Don’t Put Everything Down the Drain

The drain is a convenient garbage can to some households. Unfortunately for them, drains that are treated like garbage cans end up costing hundreds and thousands of dollars in repair. Avoid the temptation to throw non-biodegradable things into your sink or toilet, and you’ll skip having to call in a drain cleaner Rock Hill, SC. When you do put biodegradable waste in your drains, make sure it’s been treated by your garbage disposal already, or you could risk a major backup.

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