Families rely on water heaters to provide a constant supply of hot water for cleaning, cooking and bathing. When problems with a water heater cause that supply to be reduced or to stop altogether, it’s time to contact the professionals. While some issues with water heaters may appear minor, the obvious symptoms may not be telling the whole story. Plumbing experts were routinely providing Water Heater Repair in Azle TX, understand the nuances of water heaters and will quickly isolate the root cause of a problem.

What Water Heater Problems are Commonly Seen?

The answer depends on the type of water heater present and its age. Older units may develop leaks caused by corrosion. Those issues can’t realistically be repaired and, to avoid a catastrophic leak, should be replaced immediately. Newer units, on the other hand, are far more easily repaired, as the issues seen are generally minor. Perhaps a thermostat failed or an element shorted out. With gas water heaters, an ignitor or other ignition-related parts could fail. Since each model of water heater is different, they tend to suffer different types of failures. The Water Heater Repair in Azle TX, experts, are familiar with all major brands and can often repair issues during the initial service call. Even less-common issues are generally handled quickly, even if a rarely-needed part must be ordered.

Will Plumbers Always Recommend Repairs?

The short answer is no. There are situations, like the old water heater that is leaking, where repairs simply are not practical. When a unit reaches a certain age, replacing major components might actually cost more than a replacement unit. The plumber will provide a homeowner with the pros and cons of repairs versus replacement, allowing the homeowner to make the final decision.

Should Water Heaters Be Replaced With the Same Type of Unit?

In some cases, that’s the best option. In other cases, Water Heater Repair in Azle TX, experts will recommend something different. Newer water heaters are available that can significantly reduce operating costs. If a property’s use has changed since the old water heater was installed, it also makes sense to explore other options to ensure the property’s needs are met.

When any type of problem with a water heater is suspected, it pays to contact a professional immediately. The experts at Ace Repair Plumbing are there to help and will offer any advice a homeowner needs. Contact the experts for help today.