Although they feature many of the same types of materials and ultimately fulfill most of the same basic functions, there are more differences between residential and commercial plumbing systems than the average property owner might think. Read on to find out about a few of them for help understanding why it’s so important to find a specialist when it comes time to repair or replace commercial plumbing in Bellingham WA instead of hiring just any old plumber.

Size of the System

Arguably the most obvious difference between residential and commercial systems is their size. Commercial businesses must often accommodate more visitors than residential homeowners, which means more plumbing fixtures like toilets and sinks are typically required. If they’re not installed carefully and correctly, the increased demand placed on commercial fixtures can lead to more frequent plumbing failures.

Dealing With Multiple Floors

Most residential homes in Washington state are only one or two stories high, which means residential plumbers don’t have to do too much work when it comes time to lay connections between floors. Commercial plumbing systems, on the other hand, tend to be more complex since they often have to move fresh water and wastewater across multiple stories. This sometimes requires more specialized machinery in addition to a better understanding of how to work with or against gravity to move water to where it has to go.

Different Building Codes

Just like there are building codes that govern residential plumbing, there are codes that govern Commercial Plumbing in Bellingham WA and they can differ in surprising ways. This makes sense, though, given that commercial systems tend to be larger, more complex, and often prone to breakdowns in ways that residential systems simply aren’t. The best way to ensure that a commercial building’s plumbing is up to code is, of course, to hire a commercial plumber for any installations, maintenance, and repairs.

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