Deciding Whether a Problem Is an Emergency or Not Before Calling Plumbers in Great Falls, VA

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Plumbing

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Some homeowners instinctively want to grab a phone and call for emergency plumbing service when any problem develops. However, it’s a smart idea to take a few minutes to consider whether this is a crisis. If the problem can wait to be resolved on the regular daily schedule of plumbers in Great Falls, VA, the service call may cost less than an emergency call would.

Emergency, Same-Day and Scheduled Service

Plumbers in Great Falls, VA may charge more if their services are needed almost immediately, as is the case with frozen plumbing pipes and sewer backups. Some charge a bit more for same-day service, while others may not require extra for those requests. Same-day service may be desirable for a malfunctioning washing machine, for instance, but waiting until the next business day normally is more of an inconvenience than a crisis.

Examples of Emergencies

When an appliance or pipe springs a leak, that may be a true emergency if there is no way to stop the water or effectively collect it. Fitting inside the water softener might break after many years of use, spraying water into the room. When a water heater tank starts leaking, it can flood a basement or the room where it’s located. Unfortunately, not everyone knows where the water shutoff valves are located. Even if somebody does, those taps can be extremely difficult to turn after years of disuse.

A sump pump that has quit working may need to be replaced promptly if the pump well is filling up with water from heavy rainfall. Otherwise, the household residents have no alternative but to bail water until the rain quits. A backed-up pump well can quickly turn into a flood.

A Problem That Can Wait

A toilet tank that gradually leaks water back into the system occasionally refills itself with a whooshing noise. The household residents may have been ignoring it, but this type of problem tends to get worse over time. This isn’t a crisis, but it’s a good idea to schedule the repair with a company like Business Name as soon as possible to prevent continuous water loss and annoyance with the noise.

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