How does one identify that they need a new water heater? Are there specific signs to look for that indicate that water heater installation in Saskatoon, SK is imminent? Thankfully, most of these units will show problems before they have a mechanical failure, but this is not always the case.

The Lifespan of a Water Heater

A water heater ensures that the dishes get washed with hot water, the laundry gets done, and all the people living in the household can shower comfortably. However, as this vital component ages, it’s prone to wear and inefficiency.

The average lifespan of a unit is around 8-12 years, but some households may get as much as 15 years from a system. However, when these tanks are near their life expectancy, it’s time to consider getting a new and more energy-efficient one.

Signs of a Declining Water Heater

There are a few signs that the water heater is nearing its end of days. First, a decline in the water temperature is a significant sign of trouble. While it can be a simple thermostat that needs to be repaired, it can show a dip in efficiency if the unit is older.

Another common sign that’s observed is rusty or discolored water. As a unit sits for several years, it will have sediment from the bottom of the tank. The sediment will cause internal problems, which can affect the water quality in the home.

Third, another common problem is the tank will leak around the base. A leak often shows the tank is failing due to corrosion. While regular maintenance can help a homeowner extend their water heater’s lifespan, it won’t last forever. There comes a point and time when the reality that it’s time to make a purchase becomes apparent.

Upgrading the Unit

One of the benefits of purchasing a new water heater is that modern ones are more energy efficient. It pays to have an efficient hot water supply to meet the household’s demands. Those considering purchasing and installing a water heater in Saskatoon, SK should contact Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd.