Common Plumbing Problems That Require The Services Of Plumbers In Red Oak TX

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Plumbing

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Plumbing failures often create major problems for homeowners. Leaky pipes and overflowing toilets can cause water damage to the structure of a home and its contents. Sewer system malfunctions are frequently caused by tree roots in the sewer pipes or a septic tank that’s too full. To learn more information about common plumbing issues in the home and when its advisable to contact experienced Plumbers Red Oak TX area technicians, read the questions and answers below.

Q.) Is it advisable for homeowners to fix a leaky plumbing pipe themselves or should they contact a professional?

A.) While a small leak in a plumbing pipe may seem like an easy fix for some homeowners, it’s usually best to contact a professional. A qualified plumber has the correct tools and the experience to make sure the job is done right. A plumber can also inspect the remainder of the plumbing pipes to make sure there’re not any additional problems with the water line. Once one section of a water pipe springs a leak, it’s not unusual for other places of the pipe to also begin leaking due to weakened and aging pipes.

Q.) What are some problems that homeowners frequently have with their septic system?

A.) Septic system failure can cause major problems inside the home and outside in the drain field. Tree roots often grow into cracked or broken sewer pipes and in a short time the roots will clog up the sewer line. When the sewer system is clogged, the sink and bathtub won’t properly drain, and the toilet is susceptible to overflowing. Homeowners who fail to have their septic tanks periodically cleaned out run the risk of an overflowing tank. When the tank becomes too full and overflows, this causes the waste material from the tank to saturate the drain field. When the waste material reaches the surface of the ground, this is very unhealthy, and it causes a foul odor. To ensure that the septic tank doesn’t overflow, homeowners should contact qualified Plumbers Red Oak TX area technicians to inspect and empty their tank.

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